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Noel vs. Spam

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

By now, we should all know that, in Hawaii, Spam holds a place of honor in the local food pyramid. Noel, unfortunately, has yet to embrace the fabulousness of this food product. On this last trip out, Ian hatched a clever plan: challenge Noel to a Halo2 tournament, best of three. If Noel won, Ian would eat borscht. If Ian won, Noel would eat a slice of spam.

Ian won.

A complete lack of sincere excitement

A complete lack of sincere excitement.

It wiggles

It wiggles.

It bends

It bends.

Textural Issues

The first bite.

Ian Celebrates His Victory

Ian lives long and prospers in the wake of his victory.

He is not amused

Sadly, Noel remained unimpressed. Don’t worry; we’ll keep trying.